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Who We Are?

About Us

About Us

My Solar is an all in-one full service solar energy provider in Sri Lanka. Our in-house team will take care of every part of your project.

From custom system design, permissions, sourcing, ware-housing, engineering, installation and ongoing system main-tenance and monitoring. Solar Energy Sri Lanka.

We offer innovative solar energy products that are easy on the wallet and the environment. My Solar specializing in On Grid and Off-Grid solar power system designs and installations, offering the latest technology and state of the art equipment, from renowned manufacturers around the globe from which you could choose from; for all your commercial, Industrial and residential use. Customers want a brand they can trust, and a technology that ensures maximum power. production and reliability. Hence, we use the most up to-date materials and procedures in the solar industry such as SMA Inverters (Germany), Axitec Solar Panels (Germany), Fronius (Austria) to ensure that every installation will maximize owners' satisfaction. My Solar has the experience and resources to provide the highest quality installation. 


Our Solar systems are guaranteed to deliver clean energy for a minimum of 25 years to your home or business. All our products come with dual warranty, manufacturer warranty as well as My Solar warranty.


We understand that purchasing a solar power system is not an impulse buy. The first step is always making sure that solar energy is right for you and your lifestyle, taking into account your homes design, electricity usage, and budget. Our free site evaluation and feasibility studies can help you decide. Once you Receive all the facts about solar and decide to purchase a residential or commercial solar power system from My Solar, our mission is to make your solar experience easy and affordable 


My Solar is committed to each customer, to quality installations, and to making going solar an effortless experience. We strive for win-win scenarios with both our customers and employees.

Why My Solar?

End To End Responsibility

Our in house team take full responsibility for our projects, no subcontracting.

In House Support

Spaces are carried in house for all the products we supply. No need to go out for 3rd party replacement.

Online Monitoring

We continually track your energy productions to ensure your solar power system is running smoothly.

No Sub-Contractors

Our own installation teams are fully trained and experienced working to high standards rather than time constraints.

CEO'S Message

Our Company Is Built Around A Single Core Value

‘‘To employ people who provide the best customer experience possible.’’


Everyone at My Solar Energy takes pride in their work and our company name. We insist on providing an excellent service to our customers, using only the best technology and most highly trained engineers and technicians to achieve the highest standards of workmanship. 


Apart from being the provider of solar powered system integrated solutions for Residential and Commercial projects , We have an extensive experience in providing Electrical (HV,MV&LV) & Mechanical services from designing to commissioning. Irrespective of scale or type, we apply exceptional attention to detail on every contract and observe all professional standards & requirements.


With extensive experience operating throughout Sri Lanka and in various challenging environments, My Solar Energy track record for reliable delivery is demonstrated by its significant portfolio of satisfied customers and clientele.


Our strong and experienced team of engineers and commercial staff look forward to helping you.

R.J Gunawardana 


Chief Executive Officer

My Solar Energy

Image by Cytonn Photography
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